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We fix ALL Google Maps | Business Listing Problems

Claiming &  Verifying an Unclaimed Listing

Updating Old StreetView Imagery with NEW 360º VR

Updating A New Business’s Store Front Imagery

Map Marker Location Position Errors

Hours & Description Errors

Address & Website Info Errors

Duplicate Listings

Unauthorized / or Hijacked Listings by Competitors

Incorrectly Categorized Business


 We can even help you re-brand your business to show up on Google Search and Google Maps saving you thousands in ongoing additional advertising costs.

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Who cares?
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Local Business in Mountain Home:
NEW Retail Store Opened 1 year ago… Aspire Sporting Goods Retail Store



1) Business Imagery on Google Maps was Outdated.  Still showed, empty piece of land with For Sale Sign, 1+ Year AFTER business was open.  Resulting in Lower Foot Traffic, LESS Views of the company online. 

2) Map Marker was in the wrong position for GPS.


3) No Updated Interior 360º VR Imagery

Updated Google Maps & StreetView Imagery with NEW 360º Virtual Reality Imagery, updated instantly inside Google Maps and Google StreetView




BEFORE Imagery taken by the Google Van / Truck from the Main Road.  These images are update every 2-3 years.

AFTER 360º Imagery taken and uploaded to Google Maps the same day* by a Google Maps | StreetView Trusted Photographer

Click and Drag around the Virtual Reality 360º Image.  Click on the View on Google Maps to View in Full Screen

It takes highly skilled people versed in different modalities to make a GREAT website.

You need a WordPress Designer, a Marketing Expert, a Local Branding and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert, a Copywriter to write compelling content, a Photographer, a Graphics Designer, and a Writer that doesn’t need Grammerly to write a simple sentence.

Don’t forget– to make all of this wonderful content and pictures and layouts work, you’ll need webmaster that can upload, configure, setup and deploy your new website on to the internet, all while protecting your data, creating redundant backups of your data, and then monitoring, updating, and fixing continual problems that occur 24/7 — when there are many pieces of software from different vendors — and make them play well together.  Until all hell breaks loose and something does break — then you need a super technical person to fix the problems.


We do all that.

What more do you need?

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Reverse Engineering
To make your website rank we invest a lot of research into how other companies like yours appear online.  Then we implement our unique  strategy.
Smooth Workflow
We will focus on the top 3-10 categories of products or services you offer to help your business show up locally.
Functional Design
we are not artists, however we are masters at making your webiste make your phone ring.  Pretty is as pretty does.  You choose… pretty or functional?
Custom Development
We will manage your custom development project from start to finish, and coordinate all parties involved.

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