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Same Day Pickup may be available if you contact us earlier in the day.  We answer our phone 7 days a week.  Call us after hours if it’s an emergency, we usually return calls within 1-2 hours, if you get our voicemail.

We have a small farm and sometimes we cannot answer our phone(s) when milking the Cows or Feeding the Animals – so please understand we’ll call you back as soon as we break from our farm chores.  (Read our Baxter Bulletin Article here)

Call to Schedule your computer virus removal, computer Repair, or to simply fix something that was broken or damaged.

$35 pickup & delivery*


If you are in the Mountain Home Area we’ll come to you.  If you are outside of Mountain Home we charge $2/mile extra to cover our time and gas.

We’ll pick-up your computer desktop with all of it’s accessories, cables & monitor, take it back to our home office.  We can diagnose a repair and approximate cost prior to doing the work. 

$85-135 Diagnostic Fee, is all you’ll owe if you decide to NOT do the repairs depending on the type of equipment.  If your repair will exceed the cost of buying new equipment, we’ll advise you to go the new route, unless you insist on us repairing your devices.

Our Services

Computer repair

Laptop, and Desktop Repair, and Recovery.  System too Slow?  Refresh it.  Remove Viruses from Windows..

slow machine? Restore it.

Have a machine that has become sluggish or unresponsive?  We can restore your computer to the way it was from the factory – restoring it’s original speed.

virus removal / speed up

Viruses affect most computers, especially Windows computers.  We will backup your critical files and restore your machine to either a fresh install or factory new.

install new hardware

Optical Drive Failure? Need to Upgrade to the fastest SSD drive to improve the speed of your machine?  We can do it.

limited system board repairs

Has a piece of your hardware failed? Earphone plug broken off in your 3.5mm jack?  We can fix that?   We can repair in many cases or replace the motherboard bringing functionality to your computer(s).

break passwords / restore windows to factory settings

Locked out of your computer?  Did your kids change the Admin password and lock everyone out?  We can break into almost any machine.  Brute Force, or Bypassing almost any security protection.

We recently had a brother of a local deceased person contact us in the theodosia, Missouri.

all of his 18 IBM Thinkpad laptops were encrypted & secured with bios passwords & strong security.

within 36 hours we had
we recovered critical documents and files off all 18 machines in just 3 day —

Including a last will and testament.


Soldering & Board Repairs

Dropped your laptop or gaming device?  Did your charging port stop working?  You’ve probably torn the port from the motherboard.  Why replace the motherboard costing hundreds of dollars, when you can have the port possibly repaired?   Contact us to get your machine diagnosed.

When it comes to keeping your computers for home or business running, there are only a few good computer repair service companies left in the Mountain Home Arkansas area.   


If you are a new company and need network support, network design, hardware, wiring, structured wiring, running cables, and terminating Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, or Cat8, need ethernet to fiber extenders, Point to Point long range communication, we can handle all of your needs.   


We can support all of your Information Technology needs from hardware to software, setup of new machines, network design and implementation, along with redundant backup drive systems, locally and remotely. 

If you have a need for support for your networks, or anything else that needs repair, contact John Fraser with Mountain Home Marketing and Computer Repair for your One Stop Shop.


We are solely dedicated to providing the best kind one one one customer support and high touch quality service and customer support whenever it is needed.


Data Recovery?  Lost Access to a Machine?  Ransomware Locked?  Need to Break / crack a windows password?   We can do it.   Give us a Call.  We’ll get right on it. 



Our support services include:

Home Services

Our services can be done quickly and efficiently, which means your business can get back on schedule and not be burdened with technology that’s reduced itself to one giant paperweight. So save your business the trouble and contact Mountain Home Marketing and Computer Repair whenever trouble arises.

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Need data redundancy?

Do you want limited access for specific users? 

We have extensive knowledge of using DROBO and various NAS – Network Attached Storage Devices to allow, you or your entire office access to shared drives WITHOUT the need for a separate windows machine.  This lowers your annual cost for support seats required.  Let us know how we can assist you.

Wanting to make your computer super fast?  Lets move your data from a standard hard drive to an SSD.   We can mirror, clone, migrate, or completely start a new installation of windows or Apple OSX and create a standard configuration or super- your computer’s read/write abilities by using RAID, for data redundancy.

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