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The BEST Local Branding Website Design and Rebranding Services

If you are NOT visible online in the top 80% of local search engines… you are losing business to your competitors who do show up on Google!

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Adding a 360º Virtual Tour by a StreetView Trusted Photographer will anchor your business on Google Maps.    This will help you stand out from your competition.   Dont forget this is ONLY a starting point.  You still need to position yourself infront of the top 85% of Search Engines to show up where your customers are looking on their various devices, computers, tablets and mobile smartphones.  Starting at $199

Content and High Quality SEO Article Writing

If you want high quality content for your website, either you are going to spend countless hours doing this work yourself or you’ll find someone overseas to write quality content.  The challenge with doing this to rank locally is a whole different animal.  Let the PROs do it for you.  Invest one time in permanent lasting traffic from high quality  writing.  Starting at $299 / month

Increase Local Search Visibility

So you have a business.  But when you search for businesses like yours… if you dont show up in the top 3 pages on Google Maps or Search or worse than that, you cant find yourself without typing in your exact business name.  THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM.   If you want long term advertising without having to keeping paying huge fees for Radio, or Newspaper or other NON-productive advertising methods… We know how to make you show up, and get your phone to ring.   What you do with the lead calls are on you 🙂

Web Design & Local SEO Branding

Are You needing to brand your business or rebrand it in the Mountain Home Arkansas area because you’re not showing up in the local search engines?  >80% of our clients sites show up on the first page in Google Maps & Google Search.   Lets us Brand or Rebrand your business the way Google wants to find you.


Trying to fix  your search problems is like applying a bandaid on a broken bone expecting it to heal properly.  Branding is one thing you MUST set it right first to make sure everything heals properly, like rebranding your web presence.  Dont want to change your brand, then you MUST engage in SEO  if you hope to show up the top 80% of places people find you in local search engines.

Review & Reputation Management

You’re running a business.  You dont have time to handle the marketing aspects of your business, your reviews, the good and the bad.  Let us proactively email and/or text your clients to ask them to leave you a review.  We’ll  manage your reputation, respond to reviews, and let you build your business.  All we need is client name, email and/or cell phone.






How we increased Westco Painting & Construction’s visibility with a Custom Designed Website & A Google Business Listing.

Really pretty awarding winning sites may look nice, however you must have the technical and search engine friendly components of a site to make it functional and make it a lead magnet for generating new clients for you.   We do just that.  We make your phone ring.



Local Business in Mountain Home:
Painting and Remodeling Business

Ranked:  140th out of 300 competitors on page 7-8 on Google

Results:   Business Appears On the First Page of Google for their General Category of the services they offer.  Now they have started receiving calls from Organic Google Searches.



I Call Bullshit… If everyone was on the first page of Google NO ONE would be on the first page of Google.  So If you still dont believe our case study… see a LIVE Google Search about Jerome’s Business.

We started working with Westco Painting and Remodeling Company.  A 40+ year old company dealing with Remodeling projects of all sizes Residential and Commercial.  When Jerome R. Farruggia the Owner approached us he was skeptical, as both VisionAmp and BrooksJeffrey promised to brand his business and with an out of this world price of over $12,000 and $21,000 respectively to brand his company locally and help him get phone calls.  I dont know about you but I think that is a lot of money for a small business owner and especially for the Mountain Home Arkansas market.

So when Jerome approached us, he had been working with Dominator Websites for almost the last year — and he said “I didn’t receive one call from any of the branding they did for me”.   

When Jerome and I decided to work together, I started reverse engineering why businesses of his type ranked.  Of course we have Bryan Bell construction that showed up first– BJ did their site and it is a wonderful site, very professional with high quality pictures.  A site like that is a 20K site with most companies.    Part of our agreement was in partial trade so upon Jerome finishing a project for us,

We started working on his site in January 2019, by February of 2019, we had Jerome’s company ranked on the first page of Google Maps.  We got his position down from 140 to under 20 or basically on the first page of Google Maps and Search in under 2 months.  He has received a few calls already, and one lead in the first two weeks, and has become visible everywhere in the local and regional area.


The goal of any business that is having a hard time getting traction online and getting visible on Google Maps, Google Search, and the other top 80% of places where people are searching for your products or services… is to REBRAND in a way that is Friendly to search engines and friendly to Google.     Contact us today and lets help you DOMINATE your competiton! 



RV PARK WiFi Deployment & Setup






See How We Tripled B & B Trailer’s Sales


Mountain Home, AR 


Unknown Problem:
Owners didn’t know that their business didn’t show up for trailer sales in Mountain Home Arkansas

The Solution:

1st:  Created a Google Business Listing and Maximized their listing



Over the next 3 years the listing & website have drawn in additional business that “doubled, then tripled” Bonnie’s business.


2nd: 360º VR Photos were taken of the premises and products sold.

3rd:  Custom Website Design with Significant Search Engine Optimization for products B&B Trailers offers

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

We don’t hire expensive programmers and developers at $100-$200/hour.    Most of our clients have simple needs.  They want a good or better looking website than what they currently have.  Also they want to be mobile friendly so Google will drive people with smartphones to your site vs. a NON-Mobile Friendly site.  All of the sites we build are – mobile and tablet responsive and work well with most current mobile devices.    All of our sites are built CUSTOM for your business, from scratch on WordPress — the Content Management Platform that Powers about 70% of the World’s Websites.  You can even make changes or write your own blog from this system easily.  No more paying huge hourly rates for someone else to make changes for you.

We Help Your Website Sell Your Stuff.  Worldwide (and we protect your data)

Our servers we use are connected to the internet in remote locations, and we have redundant backups that take place offsite in more than one location.  Having servers connected the super high speed connections in datacenters in the USA, your website will be made available, locally, regionally and worldwide.  Want to sell something across the world – we can help you sell your products, through your website, process the payments, and have those funds wired to your account within seconds instead of days like your current processor does for your traditional business..

It takes highly skilled people versed in different modalities to make a GREAT website.

You need a WordPress Designer, a Marketing Expert, a Local Branding and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert, a Copywriter to write compelling content, a Photographer, a Graphics Designer, and a Writer that doesn’t need Grammerly to write a simple sentence.

Don’t forget– to make all of this wonderful content and pictures and layouts work, you’ll need webmaster that can upload, configure, setup and deploy your new website on to the internet, all while protecting your data, creating redundant backups of your data, and then monitoring, updating, and fixing continual problems that occur 24/7 — when there are many pieces of software from different vendors — and make them play well together.  Until all hell breaks loose and something does break — then you need a super technical person to fix the problems.

We do all that.  What more do you need?

Call today to see how we can help grow your business!  870-495-2800

Reverse Engineering
To make your website rank we invest a lot of research into how other companies like yours appear online.  Then we implement our unique  strategy.
Smooth Workflow
We will focus on the top 3-10 categories of products or services you offer to help your business show up locally.
Functional Design
we are not artists, however we are masters at making your webiste make your phone ring.  Pretty is as pretty does.  You choose… pretty or functional?
Custom Development
We will manage your custom development project from start to finish, and coordinate all parties involved.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us by phone and reach a LIVE person, yes we actually still answer our phone(s) — as long as we’re in a good cell service area.  If not– leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you.